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There are over 500 specially defined subsets in NCI Thesaurus. Each has its own NCIt concept, defining the nature of the subset, and these are hierarchically organized under the parent concept Terminology Subset (C54443). These subset concepts are linked to subset-member concepts through over 20,000 association relationships. Most of these subsets are now also available as Value Sets.

Most NCIt subsets are federal and international coding standards maintained in active collaboration with our FDA, CDISC, and other partners. They are currently distributed largely as tab-delimited data and Excel spreadsheet files accessible from the EVS FTP site. Below are five important subset collections currently presented on these Web pages:

Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) Terminology Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium Terminology: CDISC is an international, non-profit organization that develops and supports global data standards for medical research. CDISC is working actively with EVS to develop and support controlled terminology in several areas, notably CDISC's Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM).

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Terminology U.S. Food and Drug Administration Terminology: The FDA is working with EVS to develop and support controlled terminology in several areas. Some 15,000 terms are stored in NCI Thesaurus (NCIt).

Federal Medication Terminologies Federal Medication Terminologies: The Federal Medication (FedMed) interagency collaboration is organizing an agreed set of standard, comprehensive, freely and easily accessible Federal Medication Terminologies (FMT) to improve the exchange and public availability of medication information. FedMed is a joint effort of eight Federal partner agencies.

National Council for Prescription Drug Programs National Council for Prescription Drug Programs Terminology: The NCPDP is a not-for-profit ANSI-Accredited Standards Development Organization representing virtually every sector of the pharmacy services industry. NCPDP is working with NCI to provide terminology sets that can be easily used for transfer of data related to medications, supplies, and services within the healthcare system.
National Children's Study (NCS) Pediatric Terminology Pediatric Terminology: The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) is working with EVS and numerous contributors from national and international academic, clinical and research institutions to provide standardized coding for pediatric clinical trial and other research activities.

EVS is developing extended methods to create, browse, download, and have direct computer API access to these and other NCIt subsets.

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