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Elesclomol Sodium (Code C79840)

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Terms & Properties

Preferred Name: Elesclomol Sodium

Definition: The water soluble sodium salt of a small-molecule bis(thio-hydrazide amide) with oxidative stress induction, pro-apoptotic, and potential antineoplastic activities. Elesclomol induces oxidative stress, creating high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), such as hydrogen peroxide, in both cancer cells and normal cells. Because tumor cells have elevated levels of ROS compared to normal cells, the increase in oxidative stress beyond baseline levels elevates ROS beyond sustainable levels, exhausting tumor cell antioxidant capacity, which may result in the induction of the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway. Normal cells are spared because the increase in the level of oxidative stress induced by this agent is below the threshold at which apoptosis is induced.

NCI-GLOSS Definition: A drug used in the treatment of skin cancer that has spread. It is also being studied in the treatment of other types of cancer. It increases the amount of harmful oxygen molecules in cells and may kill cancer cells. It may also help other drugs kill cancer cells. It is a type of oxidative stress inducer.

Display Name: Elesclomol Sodium

Label: Elesclomol Sodium

NCI Thesaurus Code: C79840 (Search for linked caDSR metadata)  (search value sets)

NCI Metathesaurus Link: C1541326  (see NCI Metathesaurus info)

Synonyms & Abbreviations: (see Synonym Details)
1-N'-benzenecarbothioyl-3-(2-benzenecarbothioyl-2-methylhydrazinyl)-N'-methyl- oxopropanehydrazidide Sodium
Elesclomol Sodium
elesclomol sodium
Propanedioic Acid, Bis[2-methyl-2-(phenylthioxomethyl)hydrazide], Sodium Salt

External Source Codes: 
FDA UNII Code L219C7807V
PDQ Closed Trial Search ID 631615
PDQ Open Trial Search ID 631615 (check for NCI PDQ open clinical trial info)
UMLS CUI C1541326

Other Properties:
     Name Value (qualifiers indented underneath)
code C79840
Contributing_Source CTRP
Contributing_Source FDA
Legacy_Concept_Name Elesclomol_Sodium
Semantic_Type Pharmacologic Substance

Additional Concept Data: 
Defined Fully by Roles: No  


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