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Natalizumab (Code C77862)

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Terms & Properties

Preferred Name: Natalizumab

Definition: A humanized recombinant IgG4 monoclonal antibody directed against the alpha4 subunit of the integrins alpha4beta1and alpha4beta7 with immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory, and potential antineoplastic activities. Natalizumab binds to the alpha4-subunit of alpha4beta1 and alpha4beta7 integrins expressed on the surface of all leukocytes except neutrophils, inhibiting the alpha4-mediated adhesion of leukocytes to counter-receptor(s) such as vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1); natalizumab-mediated disruption of VCAM-1 binding by these integrins may prevent the transmigration of leukocytes across the endothelium into inflamed parenchymal tissue. Integrins are cellular adhesion molecules (CAMs) that are upregulated in various types of cancer and some autoimmune diseases; alpha4beta1 integrin (VLA4) has been implicated in the survival of myeloma cells, possibly by mediating their adhesion to stromal cells.

Display Name: Natalizumab

Label: Natalizumab

NCI Thesaurus Code: C77862 (Search for linked caDSR metadata)  (search value sets)

NCI Metathesaurus Link: C1172734  (see NCI Metathesaurus info)

Synonyms & Abbreviations: (see Synonym Details)
Anti-alph4 Integrin Monoclonal Antibody AN100226

External Source Codes: 
CAS Registry Number 189261-10-7 (see NLM ChemIDplus info)
PDQ Closed Trial Search ID 596513
PDQ Open Trial Search ID 596513 (check for NCI PDQ open clinical trial info)
UMLS CUI C1172734

Other Properties:
     Name Value (qualifiers indented underneath)
Accepted_Therapeutic_Use_For multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease
code C77862
Contributing_Source CTRP
Contributing_Source FDA
Legacy_Concept_Name Natalizumab
Semantic_Type Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein
Semantic_Type Pharmacologic Substance

Additional Concept Data: 
Defined Fully by Roles: No  


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