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Rosuvastatin (Code C66523)

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Terms & Properties

Preferred Name: Rosuvastatin

Definition: A statin with antilipidemic and potential antineoplastic activities. Rosuvastatin selectively and competitively binds to and inhibits hepatic hydroxymethyl-glutaryl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase, the enzyme which catalyzes the conversion of HMG-CoA to mevalonate, a precursor of cholesterol. This leads to a decrease in hepatic cholesterol levels and increase in uptake of LDL cholesterol. In addition, rosuvastatin, like other statins, exhibits pro-apoptotic, growth inhibitory, and pro-differentiation activities in a variety of tumor cell types; these antineoplastic activities may be due, in part, to inhibition of the isoprenylation of Ras and Rho GTPases and related signaling cascades.

Display Name: Rosuvastatin

Label: Rosuvastatin

NCI Thesaurus Code: C66523 (Search for linked caDSR metadata)  (search value sets)

NCI Metathesaurus Link: C0965129  (see NCI Metathesaurus info)

Synonyms & Abbreviations: (see Synonym Details)

External Source Codes: 
CAS Registry Number 287714-41-4 (see NLM ChemIDplus info)
FDA UNII Code 413KH5ZJ73
ChEBI ID CHEBI:38545 (see ChEBI info)
PDQ Closed Trial Search ID 654583
PDQ Open Trial Search ID 654583 (check for NCI PDQ open clinical trial info)
UMLS CUI C0965129

Other Properties:
     Name Value (qualifiers indented underneath)
Chemical_Formula C22H28FN3O6S
code C66523
Contributing_Source CTRP
Contributing_Source FDA
Legacy_Concept_Name Rosuvastatin
Semantic_Type Pharmacologic Substance

Additional Concept Data: 
Defined Fully by Roles: No  


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