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Lepirudin (Code C1839)

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Terms & Properties

Preferred Name: Lepirudin

Definition: A yeast cell-derived recombinant polypeptide related to the naturally occurring, leech-derived anticoagulant hirudin. Lepirudin directly binds to and inactivates thrombin, producing dose-dependent increases in the activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) and prothrombin time (PT). The mechanism of action of this agent is independent of antithrombin III and is not inhibited by platelet factor 4. Natural hirudin, a family of highly homologous isopolypeptides, is produced in trace amounts by the leech Hirudo medicinalis.

NCI-GLOSS Definition: A drug that inhibits blood clotting. It is being studied in cancer treatment.

Label: Lepirudin

NCI Thesaurus Code: C1839 (Search for linked caDSR metadata)  (search value sets)

NCI Metathesaurus Link: C0772394  (see NCI Metathesaurus info)

Synonyms & Abbreviations: (see Synonym Details)
Recombinant Hirudin

External Source Codes: 
CAS Registry Number 138068-37-8 (see NLM ChemIDplus info)
FDA UNII Code Y43GF64R34
PDQ Closed Trial Search ID 43356
PDQ Open Trial Search ID 43356 (check for NCI PDQ open clinical trial info)
UMLS CUI C0772394

Other Properties:
     Name Value (qualifiers indented underneath)
Chemical_Formula C287H440N80O111S6
code C1839
Contributing_Source FDA
Legacy_Concept_Name Lepirudin
Semantic_Type Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein
Semantic_Type Pharmacologic Substance

Additional Concept Data: 
Defined Fully by Roles: No  


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